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Clarisonic Aria

effectiveness. We Portuguese are enormously proud and tremendously pleased to have a player of that quality and who is that effective, whether it’s for his club or his country. Individual talent like his can help solve a lot of a team’s problems. What are his biggest strengths, on and off the pitch? His professionalis Men Clarisonic Aria m, above all else. He leads by example and that spreads to his team-mates and to the whole staff. He’s a guy who’s approachable and easy to talk to, a good team-mate who is extremely competitive. These good qualities spread to his colleagues, who can see he’s got what it takes to captain the national side. How will Portugal go about tackling this World Cup? My footballing philosophy is Discounts Clar Discounts Outlet Clarisonic Aria isonic Aria simply to try and play well and win games. Whichever team plays better has more chance of Clarisonic Aria winning the match. My main objective as coach is to try and get the team as well Sale Clarisonic Aria -organised as possible in tactical terms, as well as finding a balance in personal and professional terms in order

to build a group able to handle both good and bad times. That togetherness is vital when the going gets tough. Do you think this will be a World Cup where talented individuals can shine or will wel Clarisonic Aria l-drilled teams hold sway? And in that context, how will Portugal set out their stall? Every team has a few talented individuals that can help come up with solutions in certain situations, but as part of a team dynamic. That was the case with us at EURO 2012: we played really well as a team and were very org Men Clarisonic Aria anised at all times. Everybody knows the individual talents we’ve got, but the team is always the most i Discounts Outlet Clarisonic Aria mportant: without it, even the biggest talents can’t shine. That’s what we’re looking for at the World Cup: a strong and united team first and then the talent can come to the fore. Should that be the case, how far can Port Discounts Clarisonic Aria ugal go at Brazil 2014? We’ll be aiming and trying to go as far as we possibly can. What we’ll strive for is getting to the Round of 16 and, from t Sale Clarisonic Aria hat point

teams, like their attitude and the style of football the Discounts Outlet Clarisonic Aria y play. That’s the way it is. Sometimes teams win simply because of their style. There are a lot of examp Sale Clarisonic Aria les of that in football, like Italy versus Germany or Italy versus England. In Colombia’s case, we have to accept that history is not on our side, though there’s always the chance that you can turn it around, and we hope that it’s our turn to beat them this time. We know we’re coming up against a very tough rival, Clarisonic Aria but I’m confident we can do it. Colombia are an enterprising side, while Uruguay have lost their leading striker, which me Men Clarisonic Aria ans they’ll probably play a more defensive game now. With two such different styles, what is your gameplan going to be? There is no question that they’re different styles, because Colombia have alw Discounts Clarisonic Aria ays put more of an accent on technique and playing attractive, entertaining football, while Uruguay have a reputation for putting together solid teams with very hardworking

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