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Clarisonic Mia

Oscar Tabarez] does. Everyone knows how Uruguay play now, which will make things pretty difficult. It’ll be make or break. For you personally, how does it feel to be back in Brazil? It’s like a second home to me. There comes a point when Official Clarisonic Mia people realise who I am and want to have a photo taken with me or get my autograph. That shows how much they Discounts Clarisonic Mia [the Brazilian people] value me as a person. Every time I come back it makes me feel very happy. Would you class that decisive Buy Clarisonic Mia win in 1950 as the greatest feat in World Cup history? Well, it was a real feat, because no other host nation had ever lost in a World Cup Final before Clarisonic Mia then (Editor’s note: Brazil-Uruguay was the final game of the four-game mini-league that decided Brazil 1950). That was the first time and, what’s more, I was fortunate enough to score a goal. What I always say is that only th The Clarisonic Mia ree people have ever been able to silence the Maracana: the Pope, Frank Sinatra and me. The stadium went totally quiet, you couldn’t hear a

sound. Sixty-four years have now gone by, but do you still vividly remember that winning goal from 16 July 1950? Of course. Their keeper Clarisonic Mia Barbosa thought I was going to do the same thing as for our first goal, when I cut the ball back [for Juan Schiaffino to make it 1-1]. So, he made a move and left me a gap. I was on the run and ha The Clarisonic Mia d to make up my mind in a matter of seconds. I shot at goal and i Discounts Clarisonic Mia n it went, between the post and the keeper. I can still remember how I thought about my family, my friends and how my team-mates all came to hug me Official Clarisonic Mia . I’d given my country something to celebrate, though I also brought Buy Clarisonic Mia sadness to Brazil. What I always say is that only three people have ever been able to silence the Maracana: the Pope, Frank Sinatra and me.Alcides Ghiggia.What was the mood in the stands after the final whistle? You could see people crying. Even though we were happy to have won the game, once you looked into the crowd you couldn’t help but feel sad! People were crying inconsolably, you know? But

football’s like that, you win some you lose some. In Brazil they thought the game was won before it was played, the newspaper headlines were already written, saying “Brazil are world champions”, with just the score to be added later. But it all turned out differently. (Smiles) There are a lot of myths about that game, one of which go Clarisonic Mia es that CharrĂșa skipper Obdulio Varela said “Los de afuera son de palo y en el campo seremos once para once” (Forget about everybody else, on the pitch we’ll be 11 versus 11). Was that really the case? That came about because on the Saturday evening three Uruguay directors went to speak to Obdulio, [Roque] Maspoli and [Schubert] Gambett Official Clarisonic Mia a, who were our oldest and most experienced guys. They told them The Clarisonic Mia we’d done enough already, that we should just try Discounts Clarisonic Mia to behave ourselves well out on the pitch, not cause any trouble and that we should be happy to lose by three o Buy Clarisonic Mia r four goals. We only found out about that in the tunnel on the way to the pitch.

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