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going to be dancing the samba a lot during the World Cup.&r Review Clarisonic dquo; Brazil Official Clarisonic 2014 LOC Management Board member Bebeto “This song (We are One) says everything about football. I would like to congratulate Pitbull, Claudia Leitte and Jennifer Lopez for the fantastic job they’ve done. I’m sure t Clarisonic his song will play a massive part in making the FIFA World Cup one big party.” Cafu, FIFA World Cup winner with Brazil in 1994 and 2002 “The song We Are One beats to the same rhythm as the Brazilian people and it reflects a little bit of their history. It’s catchy and people are going to sing it a lot. And it’s going to reach the stadiums and the pitch too. It was a great idea to go for Pitbull, Claudia Leitte and Jennifer Lopez. Brazil are goin Discounts Clarisonic g to play their football at the World Cup to the rhythm of this song.” Luis Fernandes, Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Ministry of Sport “What we are seeing here is the union Buy Clarisonic of football, music and culture, which all bring people

together. It’s going to be a very happy occas Review Clarisonic ion, and this initiative is going to help people and cultures to join as one at the World Cup. I would also like to point to the st Buy Clarison Clarisonic ic rong Latin flavour of the song and the video and to the presence of Claudia Leitte in particular. She’s a fine example of just how much talent there is on the B Official Clarisonic razilian music scene.” On the visits to Sao Paulo, Cuiaba, Curitiba and the opening of the Arena das Dunas: FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke “In terms of the visits to the stadiums, what we saw in Sao Paulo was much to be expected following the accident at the end of 2013. We are all working to get everything ready for the opening. In Cuiaba we have a problem with the pitch, which is not yet ready to host a World Cup match, though we&rs Discounts Clarisonic quo;re working very hard to put that right. In Curitiba we saw a stadium with a lot of problems and what we have to do now is to put everything we have into resolving them and ensuring that the Arena da Baixada can

stage World Cup matches. Finally, in Natal we opened a fantastic stadium yesterday.” Brazil 2014 LOC Chairman Jose Maria Marin “The World Cup is 140 days away and when I we Discounts Clarisonic nt to Cuiaba and Natal I was very pleased with what I saw. Despite the problems, the stadiums are nearly ready and there are just a few details to attend to in Cuiaba, like the pitch. In Natal, meanwhile, we’ve already had some games Clarisonic . I’m very happy and we’re going to do our job so that Brazil can stage a great World Cup and show that it has organisational skills and abilities.” Cafu, FIFA World Cup winner with Brazil in 1994 and 2002 “I was very impressed by the stadiums we’ve visited. I didn’t have any idea as to how difficult Buy Review Clarisonic Clarisonic it is to stage a World Cup from an organisational viewpoint. Obviously Official Clarisonic we are concerned about the Arena da Baixada, but we are working hard and we really hope to have Curitiba with us in the World Cup. As for the pitches I’ve seen, you really feel like

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